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House of Commons, Questions on the Aftermath of the CRTC Decision for Bell Astral

MP Francoise Boivin asks “Does the minister agree that media concentration is a serious concern?” October 19th, 2012 Ms. Françoise Boivin (Gatineau, NDP):  Mr. Speaker, yesterday in delivering its landmark decision on the proposed Bell takeover of Astral Media, the CRTC underscored the vital importance of media diversity in Canada. The reality is that the number of voices in Canada’s media market has been shrinking in recent years, impacting consumer choice and competition. As the CRTC put it, this is not in the interests of Canadians. Does the minister agree that media...

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Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais

Select Questions and Responses from the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage’s Briefing with the new Chairman of the CRTC October 4th, 2012 On the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Acts Mr. Scott Armstrong: Thank you very much for that. Previous chairs have come to us and have suggested we ought to merge the telecommunications and broadcasting acts, and I’m wondering what your position is on that particular proposal. Mr. Jean-Pierre Blais: Perhaps it’s because of my career in departments that I’ve always thought it’s not the best thing for deputy heads to...

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Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage – Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission

Jean-Pierre Blais’s Speech to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage   October 4th, 2012 Thank you, Mr. Chair. It is a pleasure to appear before you today and to help you carry out your important role. I was honoured to be appointed Chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), an important public duty that I take on with both a heavy sense of responsibility and an excitement about what lays ahead over the next five years. I thank the Committee for having invited me to set out my views on the future and mandate of the CRTC. This is not my...

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