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Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates – Canadian Heritage 2012-13 Main Estimates

Canadian Heritage Budget, Cuts and Priorities   May 28th, 2012   Daniel Jean, Deputy-Minister witness   Total Budget of Canadian Heritage In the 2012-13 main estimates, the total budget for the Department of Canadian Heritage is $1.28 billion. This consists of $202.8 million in operating expenditures and $1.078 billion in grants and contributions. The 2011-12 main estimates totalled $1.14 billion last year. Of this amount, $209.7 million was for operating expenditures and $933.6 million for grants and contributions. The 2012-13 funding level shows a net increase of $137.3...

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Finance Committee – Bill C-38 – Budget Initiatives on Culture, the CBC and the Audiovisual Sector

Budget Initiatives on culture, the CBC and the audiovisual sector Meeting 67, May 31st 2012  Ms. Karen Wirsig (Communication Policy, Canadian Media Guild): My name is Karen Wirsig. I’m the communications coordinator for the Canadian Media Guild, a union that represents 6,000 media workers across the country. Thank you for inviting me to appear before you today.   Bill C-38 is a massive undertaking that changes an astounding number of pieces of legislation to enact a budget that itself makes fundamental changes to what our government does and how it does it.   It’s...

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