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Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates – War of 1812

Funding to the War of 1812 Celebrations May 28th, 2012 Hon. John McCallum: Can you tell me how much money the government is spending to commemorate the War of 1812? Mr. Daniel Jean: Yes. I think it’s $27 million. It’s over three years. Hon. John McCallum: Maybe this is a political question that you’re not prepared to answer, but I find it a bit strange that we’re spending $27 million to commemorate the War of 1812, which has little impact on Canadians—or Canadians have little memory of it, that’s for sure—and we’re spending nothing on the 30th...

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Minister of Canadian Heritage Announces the Month of October will Commemorate the Battle Heroes of the War of 1812

On the 2nd of October the Minister of Canadian Heritage announced the month of October will commemorate important figures from the War of 1812.

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