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Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates – Department of Canadian Heritage Budget 2012-13 – Canadian Conference of the Arts

Funding Changes to the Canadian Conference of the Arts

May 28th, 2012

Mr. Pierre Nantel:

Could you tell me about the cultural diversity and arts program that was provided for under the same budget?

Mr. Daniel Jean:

That program has been in existence for several years. In fact, two organizations have been supported. As you know, Canada is a major leader in adopting the UNESCO Cultural Diversity Convention. That convention has been ratified. Now we have decided to eliminate the program. The two organizations will receive money so that they can make the transition. As we have had a lot of success with those programs, we believe it is time to invest elsewhere.

Mr. Pierre Nantel:

Do you think that will benefit the same type of organization?

Mr. Daniel Jean:

The funding that was allocated to that has been eliminated.

We have had mixed success with cultural diversity and promotion outside Canada. We managed to have the convention adopted.

The other organization receiving money was the Canadian Conference of the Arts. In that case, the organization was striving to become financially self-sufficient. We are giving it money for a one-year transition period, and it will strive to become self-sufficient.

Mr. Pierre Nantel:

If I am not mistaken, the Canadian Conference for the Arts is the organization that played a major role in rallying views on Bill C-11.

Mr. Daniel Jean: Yes, it is the Canadian Conference of the Arts.