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Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates – 2012-2013 Budget – Libraries and Archives

Budget Effects on Library and Archive Jobs

May 28th, 2012

Answers by Daniel Jean and René Bouchard

Hon. John McCallum (Markham—Unionville, Lib.):

I’d like to focus a bit on the Library and Archives. There’s a CBC story suggesting that I think 400 people have received notice that they will be losing their jobs—that 20% of the workforce is to be let go. Archival collections in various departments are going to be closed down altogether.

I wonder if you could confirm whether this is correct. What is the state of the cuts, in both dollar terms and jobs?

Mr. Daniel Jean:

In the context of the deficit reduction action plan, the Library and Archives is affected, like many organizations. The head archivist is trying to both meet the need for all organizations to contribute to the deficit reduction action plan and at the same time modernize the way archives are done.

Library and Archives, like most of our portfolio organizations, is an independent organization. It would be very difficult for me to go into more details on the plans of the organization. I think it would be easier if you were to invite them.

Hon. John McCallum:

I’d like to know, first of all, what are the dollar cuts and the job cuts?

Mr. René Bouchard (Executive Director, Portfolio Affairs, Department of Canadian Heritage):

With respect to the dollar cuts in the context of the deficit reduction action plan DRAP) after three years it’s a reduction of $9.6 million for the organization.

So there are some changes within the organization that are not necessarily related to DRAP. The organization is making some changes that will affect about 435 positions, and 200 positions will be abolished, but that includes DRAP plus modernization. When we’re looking at DRAP only, it’s 83 positions that will be abolished.

Hon. John McCallum:

What’s the initial budget? What percentage cut is that?

Mr. René Bouchard:

The initial budget of the organization in 2012-13 is $114.2 million.

Hon. John McCallum:

And the jobs?

Mr. René Bouchard:

 The number of jobs is 1,150, if I recall properly, and I can provide you with more precision on that.


Mr. René Bouchard:

I’m saying that of 1,150, there will be a total of 200 positions cut, and 83 of these positions are related to DRAP.