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Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage – Main Estimates 2012-13 Study – Bill C-11

Bill C-11

May 29th, 2012

Mr. Pierre Nantel (Longueuil—Pierre-Boucher, NDP)

Absolutely. In addition, you talked about the copyright legislation, Bill C-11. Honestly, I want to ask you the question again: what do you suggest to artists who will have lost $20 million to broadcasters? What do you suggest to them?

Hon. James Moore:

I would say that Bill C-11 is a fair and responsible piece of legislation that has been debated here, in the House of Commons, for over two years. That bill makes piracy illegal.

What hurts artists the most are people who steal from them using their computers. That is what hurts them the most. I do not agree with the analysis that artists are losing $20 million. What hurts our artists the most are people who steal from them. Bill C-11 protects our artists. Piracy is now illegal in Canada.