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Intellectual Property




Copyright reform: the Canadian cultural sector calls on the Senate to repair Bill C-11

June 19, 2012


Copyright reform : the government fast-tracks the process

February 15, 2012


CCA Bulletin 9/11 – Revenue at risk through C-32: The CCA stands by its estimate of $126M a year

March 14, 2011


CCA bulletin 6/11 – What exactly is the financial impact of C-32 on artists and other rights holders?

Febraury 7, 2011




April 30, 2012


ABC on Copyright

October 25, 2010


Bill C-32 Copyright Backgrounder: Overview of responses from Canada’s cultural sector

October 22, 2010


Bill C-32 Copyright Backgrounder: Overview of responses from Canada’s education sector

October 22, 2010


Fair Use and fair Dealing in Foreign Countries

October 22, 2010




C-32 Joint Statement: Bill C-32
Weakens Canada’s Global Competitiveness

Joint statement by the cultural sector on Bill C-32

February, 2011


Presentations & Speeches


Bill C-11: Copyright Modernization Act

Presentation to the Senate Standing Committee on Banks, Trade and Commerce

June 22, 2012


Bill C-32: The Copyright Modernization Act

CCA Presentation to the Legislative Committee on C-32

February 1, 2011




Copyright Issues in Trade Agreements

Lesley Ellen Harris for the Canadian Conference of the Arts

October, 1997