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Current Priorities

The CCA is always following numerous cultural policy issues. This section contains CCA publications and resources relating to some of our current priorities. More items will be added regularly as issues affecting the arts and culture sector evolve. Check back often for updates and further information.


CETA- Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement




Time for an update!

November 15, 2011


An alliterated update: CRTC, C-470 and CETA

March 21, 2011


Canada/EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement: What are the cultural implications?

March 22, 2010





Copyright reform: the Canadian cultural sector calls on the Senate to repair Bill C-11

June 19, 2012


Copyright reform : the government fast-tracks the process

February 15, 2012


Bill C-11, the Legislative Committee Has Been Struck

October 31, 2011



April 30, 2012


Legislative Committee on C-11

List of committee members and contact information

November, 2011




C-32 Joint Statement: Bill C-32 Weakens Canada’s Global Competitiveness

Joint statement by the cultural sector on Bill C-32

February, 2011


Presentations & Speeches


Bill C-11: Copyright Modernization Act

Presentation to the Senate Standing Committee on Banks, Trade and Commerce

June 22, 2012