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Everybody’s talking about us!  And this is what they are saying . . .

“The Culture Office of the City of London belongs to the Canadian Conference for the Arts because it helps us to continue to be informed about arts and cultural issues which are happening at the national level which provides us with a context for issues that are affecting our municipality and local cultural community.”

– Robin Armistead, Culture Manager, City of London

“The Kingston Arts Council is a member of the Canadian Conference of the Arts because we believe that artists and arts organizations in Canada need an advocate and organizer working at a national level to speak for us to government and to all Canadians about the value of our work and its impact on our country.”

– Karen Dolan, Executive Director, Kingston Arts Council





“At Canadian Actors’ Equity Association, we see membership in the CCA as an integral piece of our advocacy strategy. The CCA is able to deliver a high level view of policy decisions and how they affect various sectors as well as provide us with timely and useful research that we really don’t have the internal capacity to generate.”

– Arden Ryshpan, Executive Director, Canadian Actors’ Equity Association




“The CCA is an instrument facilitating fruitful dialogue and rich reflections. It is a forum where we can share information and build consensus around issues of crucial importance to all creators and artists.”

– Raymond Legault, President, Union des artistes



“CCA is an important intelligence and advocacy table, especially for those organizations that aren’t in Ottawa’s halls of power every day. Their convening work, policy work, and representation of the sector are important additions to the work we do alone”.

– Kelly Duffin, Executive Director, The Writers’ Union of Canada




“SAW Video renews its CCA membership every year because they’re such great communicators. Of particular importance to us is the valuable clarity they provide around bewilderingly complex issues such as copyright and telecommunications policy.”

– Penny McCann, Director, Saw Video Association

“CCA’s analyses of federal arts and culture spending, policies and practices help CAPACOA to make informed decisions on behalf of our own sector. They don’t just make our job easier, they help to make our voices heard.”

– Erin Benjamin, Executive Director, Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA)







“CCA’s timely analyses, research and policy reports provide the Ontario Association of Galleries with informed and critical perspectives on national arts and heritage issues impacting visual art organizations all across the country. This significantly enhances our own ability to support dialogue and collaboration among our members, and to encourage the highest standards for the care, preservation and presentation of the visual arts among Ontario’s public art galleries.”

– Demetra Christakos, Executive Director, Ontario Association of Arts Galleries

“There is only one organization in the country that brings together the whole of the Arts community – that’s the Canadian Conference of the Arts. Support for the CCA is really a way of keeping Canada’s cultural narrative alive and relevant.”

– Gerry Barr, Executive Director, Directors’ Guild of Canada





“The Canadian Conference of the Arts is a unique organization we cannot do without as it allows members of the cultural communities from all over the country to speak with one voice on issues of concern to them all.”

– Caroline Fortier, Executive Director, Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec




“The CCA has long been an important advocate for the arts in Canada. With the multiplicity of arts organisations in Canada, the CCA brings a single voice to the public policy work that has become increasingly important for the arts and artists in Canada.”

– Stephen Waddell, Executive Director, Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA)






“We support the work of the CCA because it’s the only voice in Canada for the entire spectrum of Canadian creators, rights owners and investors in culture. Only the CCA can speak for such a broad constituency, and only the CCA has a track record of having done so for decades.”

– David Basskin, President, Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA)