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A Fruitful Summer

The National Director’s Blog

Summer Projects

Alain discusses some of the changes coming up over the next few months and some of the projects under development.

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The President’s Blog

Time for Change!

We are facing a period of radical change as we reinvent the business and governance models of the CCA to make it a strong and independent voice…

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 Editor’s note

We will be taking a break from the magazine for the summer, but we will be holding up the fort and keeping vigil for any news over the summer…




CCA Spotlight

10 Cultural Must Do’s across Europe this summer!

Heading to Europe this Summer? Our correspondent has prepared a great cultural menu


Share your passion. Develop your audience.

The Public: An Ally first, Then a Consumer


When will a Bill on tax averaging for artists become law?

Another private bill on tax averaging is tabled


Content is King? Depends on Your Point of View

The winners are those that use the medium to distribute content, not the producers of content


Last week the CCA was featured in an article in the online edition of the Globe and Mail. In the article by James Adams, our National Director, Alain Pineau discusses our determination to move beyond the loss of 46 years of funding by the federal government and our guarded optimism about the future.

Watch out for . . .

The Finance Committee has launched their 2013 Pre-Budget consultation process. Canadians are invited to contribute to the consultations online until August 3rd, 2012. As always the CCA will be making a submission. Watch out for news in the coming weeks!

Featured Member

Every issue, the CCA profiles a different member. Our new featured member is particularly close to our hearts. We are paying tribute to an organization that got its wings from the CCA: the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC).


The CCA is excited to announce a new feature on our website. A calendar has been added to our Upcoming Events section. We will be featuring CCA events and activities in the calendar as well as national and international days recognizing the arts, culture and heritage. We are even more excited to offer this benefit to our members. We would love to add your event to the calendar if you are a member of the CCA and have an event coming up that relates to one or more of the CCA’s four pillars: lead­er­ship and net­work­ing, knowl­edge shar­ing, gov­ern­ment rela­tions and pub­lic engage­ment in culture. Just send the date, time, loca­tion, a link to the event web­site, and a brief descrip­tion of the event to

Recent Bulletins

When the Copyright Bill Will Be Passed and the Not So Positive Aspects of the Budget for Culture

June 1, 2012

Fallout from the Federal Budget… Continues

May 3, 2012

Other Consequences of the Federal Budget

April 27, 2012

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