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CCA Together!

May 10, 2012

Yes, we’re still here, and it’s high time that I reported our recent weeks’ activities!

Just like Mark Twain (and many others since), the CCA would like to say that rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated! Upon hearing the recent news, some may have jumped to the conclusion that the CCA was folding its tent. Neither the board nor the staff has thrown in the towel and we’re working at full steam ahead to implement our 2012-2017 business plan and to ensure the financial independence of the organization. We are motivated by the strong conviction that you should not lose this unique instrument in your common pursuit of a healthy cultural sector.

We have received confirmation from concerned parties that there is a real need for an umbrella organization, like the CCA, which plays a role unparalleled in the Canadian arts, cultural and heritage sector. You have told us your needs and priorities. We have a detailed business plan, which in three years at most, should guarantee the financial stability of the CCA. We have specific projects, and we have current and eventual partners.

There is no doubt that the transition funding granted to us by the federal government is not enough. We had received the support of officials for a reasonable request for funding over two years, but political authorities have decided otherwise. While we believe that eventually we can generate enough income through membership and our seven other sources, identified in the business plan, the organization cannot keep afloat in this transition period without the injection of new funds. The support received from Heritage provides us with a foundation on which to build. We have identified at least one possible funding source that, within the next six months, will help bridge the transition funding. But we need more and faster. These pressing realities keep us extremely busy, since I must admit that time is not in our favour

As indicated by our president in her message from April 23rd, we need to be able to count on the support of everyone to succeed in our venture. The vote of confidence shown by your renewing your membership is one of the first conditions for success. We have already received many such expressions of support, backed up by a cheque. I have undertaken to contact all of our organizational members to confirm their commitment to the CCA. I am happy to report that so far I have received nothing but positive reactions.

We are working on the launch of a Together CCA! campaign. We have identified new initiatives and possible partners that we are busy validating. Today, we invite all our members, organizational as well as individual, to answer a short online questionnaire related to this initiative. I want to wholeheartedly thank the Canadian Dance Assembly for being the first one to commit to support our campaign.

Another major initiative:  the creation of a Founders Circle consisting of individuals, corporations, and unions sharing the convictions of the CCA Founders who, 67 years ago, believed in the necessity of a national organization to promote and develop the arts, cultural and heritage sector in our country. The Founders Circle will comprise all those who, between April 2012 and March 2015, will have made a major financial contribution to the transition plan

On another front, we are working on promising projects that generated great interest during our consultations, particularly in terms of arguments for the promotion of the cultural cause at all levels of government and with patrons. Last week I had the privilege of participating in a round table in Winnipeg organized by ACI Manitoba, to discuss cultural statistics and the reliable evidence needed to support arguments in favour of the arts, culture and heritage sector. Based on this template, we are developing a project of regional round tables leading up to a national round table on this subject of primary importance.

We are also working in partnership with our colleagues at the University of Ottawa on the publication of an annual report on the federal, provincial and territorial budgets from the perspective of the arts, cultural industries and heritage. Not to mention the national conference project that I will bring back to the front burner as soon as our immediate financial footing has been assured.

As you can see, we are not idle! Allow me to say it once again: we cannot succeed without you. Please respond to our short questionnaire  to tell us how you can help the CCA and thus contribute to shaping Canada’s vibrant future for arts and culture.

I thank you advance for your participation! CCA Together!