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CBC Special Edition

Editor’s note

The public broadcaster is facing new challenges, some of which were completely absent during its last license renewal in 1999. Nostalgia has no place in this new environment.





CCA Spotlight

Decision Time – On the eve of the CRTC hearings on the CBC licence renewals we wanted to outline the context and the challenges under which these decisions will be made. To create this portrait we talked to Pierre Bélanger, professor at the University of Ottawa’s Department of Communication.

A Controversial Request – The CBC’s request to broadcast commercials on Radio 2 and Espace Musique has created a shock wave and most stakeholders are opposed to it.  We have an overview of some of the comments that summarize the positions of the intervenors.

We Love the CBC But… In the weeks leading up to the hearing, organizations and individuals across Canada have been submitting their opinions on the changes proposed by Canada’s national broadcaster. We have pulled quotes from various submissions to encapsulate the variety of opinions on different issues that will be debated during the hearings.

Featured Member

Featured member: A few days after being reappointed until 2017 and a few weeks before the CBC license renewal hearings at CRTC, Alain Pineau and Anne-Marie Des Roches met with the CEO of the CBC, Hubert Lacroix.

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