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When the Copyright Bill Will Be Passed and the Not So Positive Aspects of the Budget for Culture

CCA Bulletin 10/12

June 1, 2012

The Pre-summer Marathon has Begun

We really feel the end of the parliamentary session in Ottawa these days; it’s a race against the clock to break for the summer, either June 22nd or even maybe as early as June 15th.  Yesterday the Government Leader in the House of Commons, Peter Van Loan, announced the menu for next week. It would seem that if the government manages to pass Bill C-11 in Third Reading in the House before the end of the session (and that calls for a full day of debate) it is unlikely that it will be considered by the Senate before the summer recess.

Given the time at its disposal in the House, the government’s priorities are:

  • Bill C-31 on Canada’s immigration system (must be adopted before June 29th);
  • Bill C-25, The pooled registered pension plans Act (will be discussed on June 3rd);
  • Bill C-23 The Canada–Jordan economic growth and prosperity Act;
  • Bill C-24, The Canada–Panama economic growth and prosperity Act (will be discussed on the 7th of June)

The CCA in Front of the Standing Committee on Finance

Bill C-38, the omnibus budget implementation bill, includes amendments to close to 70 acts and is widely criticized as undemocratic because it prevents a public debate on many important policy issues affecting Canadian society. It’s currently being discussed by the Finance Committee which sits from dawn (not quite!) to dusk in order to get the bill adopted before summer holidays.

It was at the express and last minute invitation of the Committee that the Canadian Conference of the Arts appeared yesterday, May 31st, to discuss the abolition of the Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal.  Topics covered were: health, environment and culture. With us on the panel, from the cultural sector, John McCavity for the Canadian Museums Association, there to discuss the compensation program for traveling exhibitions and Karen Wirsig of the Canadian Media Guild who zeroed in on cuts at the NFB, Telefilm and the CBC.

After covering the issue of the Artists Tribunal, the CCA took advantage of the five minutes given to raise several budget measures which will affect Canadians’ access to their culture. To read our presentation click here.

If you wish to watch the full panel, you will find it here.

Alain Pineau’s presentation starts at 1:41:56 followed by Karen Wirsig and John McAvity.

One Comment

  1. Marla Waltman says:

    Excellent presentation Alain. I`m very pleased that you expanded your focus beyond the Tribunal amendment to cover other issues of great concern to the culture sector. Bravo!