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CCA : Call for interest

Dear members and friends of the Canadian Conference of the Arts,

On October 30th, I had the sad duty to inform you that given the circumstances, the Board of the CCA had come to the conclusion that it had to immediately cease the operations of the Secretariat and put the organization in a state of suspended life. I can now report that we have completed all required steps to do that.

We have said farewell to our wonderful staff and interns, we have met all our legal obligations and sent key documents to the National Archives, which already held our history since the early 1940s. Thanks to a generous member organisation, our website will remain accessible, but it will of course not be updated anymore. And we have ensured that the Provincial and Territorial Budgets Analyses we were working on will see the light of day as scheduled in February 2013, thanks to an agreement with the University of Ottawa’s Centre on Governance.

Last Friday, we put in place a caretaker Board of Governors comprised of:

Kathleen Sharpe, President

Luc Fortin, Vice President

Arden Ryshpan, Treasurer,

Skip Kutz, Secretary

Robert Spickler, Past President

Tom McFall

Nicole Matiation

Clothilde Cardinal

We remain convinced that the Canadian cultural sector needs an overarching organisation like the CCA and our dearest hope is that someone will rise to the challenge of reactivating it under whatever new form. Accordingly, we have committed to preserving the legal entity and charitable status in good standing until March 2014.

We take pride in the great accomplishments of this historical organization and we have done everything possible to facilitate the eventual return to its operations. We will gladly receive and consider any serious offer to do so: anyone interested should contact me directly.


Kathleen Sharpe


  1. Charlotte Wilson-Hammond says:

    Sad news indeed! Having been a member of the CCA for years, since the ’80’s, and having served on the Board and the Executive I feel I have to agree that Canada needs an all inclusive arts organization that can reflect the concerns and needs of the Cultural Sector to the Government. And it has to be an arms’ length advocacy organization.
    Sadly, the ‘Harper’ government does not agree and this is just another move to wipe out what is perceived as opposition to mono-minded ‘government’ policy.
    Let’s hope at the next election that Canada does not forget the slow erosion of independent and creative thinking!

  2. M. Danica Ban says:

    Greetings Kathleen,
    This is my first vist to this site and was drawn into it simply because the content read vastly similar to my experiences. I have been recognized as an artist since early childhood and in my mind a “lifer”, an Artist till my last breath. My accomplishments are modist yet substantiated by all I am privileged to have connected with personally over the years. While studying to obstain my BFA, there was no mention of the CCA nor the UNESCO Status of the Artist and I am first generation Croatian-Canadian with family in Belgrade.
    I stumbled on this link on the William F. Whites website searching for something that might spark inspiration for ideas not yet conceptualized.
    My battery is nearly at its end, limiting my correspondence, but am interested to know more about this challenge and the responsibilities of best practices.

    M. Danica Ban BFA, CSEPT-CPT, PFT, HI