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The New CCA: a new style of governance

Like I wrote in my last blog, we are working very hard to identify what the new CCA will be. We are working to ensure it will be a CCA the entire cultural sector can be proud of and one that responds to the needs of its members…

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Editor’s note

Our first fall Magazine edition enters the season gracefully. We have another article from Denis Bertrand’s continuing column on how to know your audience… social media cannot do it alone!

Is it really purely by coincidence that we have two articles making reference to the Massey-Lévesque Report in this month’s edition of the Magazine? Obviously, the issue is topical: it is raised by our featured member of the month and in a letter to the editor taken from the Globe and Mail…




CCA Spotlight

An overview of cultural policy in the UK: A Tale of Coalition, Cuts, Creative Industries & Cultural Olympiad: We have looked at the depart­ments with juris­dic­tion over cul­ture in part as a lit­er­a­ture review, and partly through an analy­sis of the UK’s cre­ative econ­omy. Hope­fully it will pro­vide some insight on who is charged with devel­op­ing cul­tural pol­icy, how those poli­cies are inter­preted, and how the cur­rent eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion is being played out through aus­ter­ity measures…

The Secret Ingredients for Audience Development: Will Power and Patience: Last month, through a facebook post, The Cultural Human Resources Council announced the Conference Board of Canada’s 2010 service data on Environmental Trends and Issues for the Cultural Sector. The Conference Board identified 15 trends or issues. You won’t be surprised to learn “Changes to government spending” and “Changes to government policy” came at the top of the list…

Canada must refuel for cultural creativity: A new strategy is needed to connect creative talent with business and technology. Culture is lost at Canada’s economic crossroads. The Massey Report of 1951 created our first cultural “Road Map” by boldly recommending the establishment of a Canada Council to support our creative and interpretive artists…

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Launch of a new 100% online program at the University of British Columbia’s new International Centre for Cultural Planning and Development. Take advantage of special rates for CCA friends and members by using the code CPFALL when registering and save 25%.

Photo by: Laura Vanags—The Banff Centre

Featured Member

September 2012 has the CCA shining the spotlight on Jeff Melanson, current president of the Banff Centre. Turn the topic to Jeff Melanson and most people are full of praise for his accomplishments. However, he would be the first to tell you that none of it would have been possible without the collaboration of others. Not only that, he insists that he has gotten more out of his professional experiences than he has put into them. “The transformative change that arises from art can happen to us everyday.”


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