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Editor’s Note

“The purpose of art is the gradual lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.”

Glenn Gould, musician

Here it is! Our last issue before the fall. Yes, the magazine takes a break for the summer, but we will be holding up the fort and keeping vigil for any news over the summer. We will keep you informed via our Bulletins.

Our Featured member this month and for the summer is the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC). The Council is also in a transition phase and is in the process of preparing for a forum that will take place in September, which we hope, will be very popular and will help build bridges between educators and industries. Maybe you don’t have to be an engineer to build bridges but you need to be ingenious! Susan Annis tells about this upcoming event.

We are continuing our series with Denis Bertrand, our audience development expert who has submitted a second column on the subject The Public: An Ally first, Then a Consumer.

Danielle Desjardins is a new contributor. She is a consultant specializing in media. She writes a blog where she delves into her reflections on the intersections between culture, the media, and technology. The article that we present to you, Content is King? Depends on Your Point of View, was previously published on the blog for MIXMEDIA Montréal, a conference by Productions Eventia Inc. on the topic of digital content which took place on May 17th in Montréal.

Barbora Polachova, our Prague correspondent has given us 10 suggestions of cultural destinations that aren’t to be missed in Europe this summer.

I’d like to leave you by wishing you a beautiful summer. I’m sure it will be busy but make sure to enjoy some of it as well!


Anne-Marie Des Roches