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Building Bridges: Cultural Industry Leaders Meet Educators and Trainers

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) will once again be “Building Bridges” between cultural leaders and educators/trainers at its national HR Forum in Toronto on September 27 and 28, 2012. Register Now!

The focus of this unique gathering of cultural leaders, key educators and policy makers from across the country will be training needs and gaps in the sector.


  • presentations on best practices,
  • thoughtful discourse and
  • provocative discussion,

the Forum will

  • highlight examples of industry/education collaboration that respond to immediate industry needs,
  • examine the importance of professional development and mentorships, and
  • encourage participants to press for solutions to training challenges.

In a highly competitive global marketplace, Canadian cultural products are strong contenders, but the key to our continuing success is that our workers be on the cutting edge of creation, innovation and production of cultural content.

CHRC’s HR Forum 2012 offers a unique opportunity for cultural and educational leaders to network with colleagues and collaborators, and share their successes and challenges.

Take a look at the programme and then register. And don’t forget to check who else is attending.