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Analyses of the Provincial and Territorial 2015-2016 Budgets

Publication of the second edition of provincial and territorial budgets analyses from the perspective of arts, culture, and heritage entitled “In search of the creative economy – Analyses of the Provincial and Territorial 2015-2016 Budgets from the Perspective of Arts, Culture and Heritage“,co-authored by M. Sharon Jeannotte, Senior Fellow at the Centre on Governance, and Alain Pineau, former Executive Director of the Canadian Conference of the Arts.    

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2015 Budget Analysis

2015 Federal Budget: Culture and arts still a low priority for the government   The Canadian Conference of the Arts, the Canadian Arts Coalition and the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance are pleased to release the analysis of the 2015 Federal Budget which examines federal funding for the arts and culture sector for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The broad conclusion of this analysis is that while this pre-election budget does not contain any major changes to cultural funding by Ottawa, arts and culture do not figure amongst the political priorities of the government. For the complete text of the...

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CCA Budget Analyses

The CCA’s 2011, 2010, and 2009 budget analyses are available free for our members and at the cost of 25$ for non-members. To obtain your copy of these budget analyes,  please contact Thank you!

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The Reopening in Ottawa – What’s New?

CCA Bulletin 14/12

September, it’s the reopening. Activity multiplies; the members of parliament prepare for another session; the CRTC is holding public audiences this week on Bell’s acquisition of Astral as well as in November for CBC’s license renewals; the new seasons for theatres, orchestras, and dance begin; parliamentary committees will begin soon; and the universities return to classes.

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The National Director’s Blog

The Winds of Change

The last two months have slipped through our fingers! We worked hard this summer, as usual you say, but this time it's different. We worked on projects for the future. We weren’t just working on the survival of the CCA: do more with less or just do it differently.

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What are Canadian Heritage’s priorities for 2012-2013?

CCA Bulletin 09/12

May 28, 2012

The Canadian Conference of the arts is hard at work on our detailed federal budget analysis from the perspective of the arts, culture, and heritage for 2012-2013. For a number of reasons the task is particularly complicated this year...

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Fallout from the Federal Budget… Continues

CCA Bulletin 08/12

The CCA continues to identify the cultural impacts of federal budget. On April 30th, several departments and agencies announced a third wave of cuts to the federal public service. Today, the statistics we need and impacts on collective memory.

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Other Consequences of the Federal Budget

CCA Bulletin 07/12

In the wake of the budget presented on March 29, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled yesterday a Bill that puts into place some the budget initiatives. Food inspection has attracted a great deal of attention but in the cultural sector there are two measures in particular that we would like to highlight.

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Telefilm Canada: The Impacts Remain Difficult to Evaluate

In 2011-2012 Telefilm received $105.7 million from the Heritage Department. For 2012-2013, their budget will be cut $10.6 million over 3 years, a reduction of 10%. Since last summer, the government has been telling agencies that they will need to cut 5-10% from their budgets. If observers weren’t surprised by the cuts to CBC – they were announced and expected from many members of government – the cuts to Telefilm and NFB caused a bit more surprise. Some have wondered if the other audio-visual agencies were cut to make the cuts to CBC seem less isolated. During an interview with George...

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Special Budget Edition: A First Look at the Federal Budget

We are very proud to present this special federal budget edition. Our in depth budget analysis will be published in a few weeks when the Heritage Minister publishes the estimates and report on plans and priorities. Normally the government announces the plans and priorities before the federal budget drops, but not this year. Specific impacts are beginning to emerge as to which programs are being maintained, but there is no guarantee that priorities will remain the same. Several signs are already visible; others will accumulate over the weeks and months. The scale of the cuts to the CBC is sure...

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