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Nicole Matiation

Governor (Manitoba) 2011-2013

Nicole Matiation is the executive director of On Screen Manitoba. This past year, she was the project manager for Manitoba’s Culture Days initiative.

Nicole has an MA in media arts from Concordia University and has held communications, development, programming and management positions in the arts sector for 20 years. This includes work at the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal coordinating an in-house film festival and a video distribution project using animated shorts to teach English and media literacy to adults in Eastern Europe. Recently, Nicole had a term contract with Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism as the cultural industries consultant and a term contract with Manitoba Education to develop the curriculum for a grade 12, 20th century history course using film.

In 1996, Nicole founded Freeze Frame Media Arts Centre for Young People with her partner, filmmaker Pascal Boutroy. She was the centre’s co-director from 1996 to 2000, and the sole artistic/executive director from 2000 to 2008.

Nicole is the chair of the Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba and the liaison between the Event Planning Committee and the Marketing Planning Committee for the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s 2012 Centennial Celebration.

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