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The Canadian Conference of the Arts National Arts Awards are presented annually to members of Canada’s cultural community who have made significant contributions to the spirit and vitality of the arts and culture in this country.

The CCA Awards Committee chooses award recipients from nominations submitted each year by the members of the CCA.


Diplôme d’honneur

The Diplôme d’honneur is presented annually to a Canadian who has made a sustained contribution to the cultural life of the country, whether through volunteer activity, mentoring, patronage, individual arts practice or other recognized support. It was first awarded in 1954 to the Right Honourable Vincent Massey, then Governor General, in recognition of the Royal Commission Report on the Arts, Letter and Social Sciences. Since then, the CCA has recognized more than 70 visionaries and creators of Canada’s rich cultural identity. The award is in the form of a silver talisman designed by the late West Coast craftsmith, Bill Reid.

Diplome d'honneur talsiman

Past Recipients


Keith Kelly Award

Keith Kelly Award for Cultural Leadership

The Keith Kelly Award for Cultural Leadership has been awarded annually since 1998, when it was established to recognize the leadership shown by the former National Director of the CCA during his tenure from 1989 to 1998. It is presented to a Canadian who has made a significant contribution to the arts through advocacy work or the development of cultural policy, or who has otherwise demonstrated leadership in the field. The award is an inscribed medal designed by medallic artist Susan Taylor.

Past Recipients

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