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About the cca

The Canadian Conference of the Arts is a not-for-profit, non-partisan member-based organization that represents the interests of over 400,000 artists, cultural professionals from all disciplines of the nation’s vast arts, culture and heritage community. As the national convener, the CCA provides support for collaborative leadership for the Canadian cultural sector.


The Canadian Conference of the Arts is the national forum linking the arts, culture and heritage communities in Canada. Through research, analysis, and public discussion, we promote the adoption of cultural policies needed for the vitality of the Canadian cultural sector.


The Canadian Conference of the Arts plays a unique role in the Canadian arts, culture and heritage sector. It is the focal point where issues relevant to the Canadian arts, culture and heritage sector are identified and debated and through which sound cultural policies are promoted. We build and support strategic partnerships and alliances, facilitate the identification of common priorities and act as a catalyst for change.


To fulfill the mission, we:

OBSERVE, analyse, conduct research and report on common issues and priorities;

CONNECT the cultural sector with other networks;

CONVENE and provide support for collective leadership in debating, crafting and promoting cultural policies;

CHAMPION common positions on issues of national importance that affect the cultural sector.


With the cultural sector growing rapidly, the CCA works tirelessly on behalf of its members, adapting to changing priorities, policies and technological advances. We are committed to taking a constructive lead on the federal policy issues that matter most to the cultural sector including tax legislation, copyright protection for creators, broadcasting regulation and funding. Ultimately, we strive to play our part in shaping an environment that provides Canadians with thriving arts, culture and heritage communities.


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The CCA regularly hosts conferences, forums, symposiums and other events to encourage discussion among members, the cultural community and the general public. In addition to offering opportunities for learning and personal development, these events allow the sector to come together for face-to-face meetings and networking.

These are just some of the events the CCA organizes on an on-going basis:

National Policy Conference

The CCA’s large-scale National Policy Conference invites individuals from diverse sectors – arts and culture, business, government and academia- to participate in dialogues on thematic issues that are critical to the advancement of arts and culture. The conference provides an ideal setting for knowledge exchange, bringing new perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront.

Thinking Culture

Initiated in the fall of 2010, Thinking Culture is a policy forum series hosted by the CCA in partnership with the University of Ottawa. Leading authorities, researchers and academics are invited to debate, exchange information and assess current developments in the arts and culture sector. Over the course of a season, sessions focus on a broad range of topics, from copyright to Canadian cultural institutions. Click here to see topics from past sessions.

Regional Tours

On a biennial basis, the CCA’s National Director travels to various communities across the country to initiate intimate conversations inviting the CCA’s members and stakeholders to reflect on pressing issues facing the arts, culture and heritage sector and provide a venue for consensus building. Read the details on the Winter 2012 Regional Tour.

Chalmers Conference

The Chalmers Conference brings together arts service organizations from across the country for discussion and collaboration. The event is designed to provide these groups with targeted information and advocacy assistance.

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The Blog

The CCA communicates regularly with its members and the public regarding its work promoting and defending the arts, culture and heritage sector. From time to time, Alain Pineau adds his personal touch as presented in this blog. Read on and share your thoughts by posting replies.



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